Garlic Scapes

The long, curly, beautiful green thingys you got in your Bounty Box are called garlic scapes. Being that there’s such a (immune boosting!!) garlic shortage right now, we’re getting creative. And honestly, shouldn’t we do this anyway? We want to use all the wonderful bounty the Earth gives us, don’t we? #ZeroWaste

The Refarmery, which is one of the local farms I’ve been lucky enough to work with, suggested these gems and really, just for how fun they are – I’m stoked about it!

I spoke with Jon at Refarmery about these sublime veggies and here’s where we landed:

Garlic scapes have the flavor of garlic but not so much the bite. So at times are considered milder – but they can pack in the flavor! This batch is pretty strong, one stem is close to about 3-6 cloves of garlic. So even though they resemble green onions, try not to go too heavy-handed with them or your food will only taste of garlic. 

Eat the flexible portion which is pretty much everything in these ones. You normally cut off the bud on the end, but it is edible. (Maybe use it, finely chopped, and mixed in with a green salad?)

We’d love to hear what you guys are doing with them! Share your Bounty Box explorations here or on any of our social media.

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