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Blog Writer | Kayla

Kayla is a graduate from Sacramento State with a bachelor’s degree in Nutrition & Food. She has a passion for helping her community gain access to nutritious food and educating everyone that what we consume affects our mind, body and the Earth. Born and raised in Sacramento, she has spent most of her time serving the local community. She has interned with the Alchemist Community Development Corporation (CDC), a non profit organization that assists Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) recipients use their vouchers to purchase fresh goods at Sacramento’s Midtown Farmers Market. She has also volunteered at the Wellspring Women’s Center serving fresh and nutritious meals to local women and children in the area. In her free time, Kayla loves cooking comfort food, exploring new places to eat, and learning about her newfound interest – food photography. Kayla would like to continue writing about nutrition and food, and while working hands on in her community to provide nutrition education. She believes eating Goodful is a lifestyle and mindset, and it is her mission to spread awareness on the importance of a healthy and sustainable diet. 

We are beyond excited to have Kayla on the team! She is a fountain of knowledge when it comes to all things Goodful. And she fits right in with her passion and curiosity about food, nutrition, soil health, farming and agriculture! We’re grateful to add this bright, graceful soul to the family and can’t wait to support her in all of her endeavors. 

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