Zero Waste Chicken Lamb Carrot Broth

Serves 8, Prep time 24hrs

2 tbs whole black peppercorn
2 tbs dried or 3 fresh sprigs lavender
2 tbs dried or 3 fresh sprigs thyme
1 ½ tbs dried or 1 fresh sprigs rosemary
2 c water

Chicken bones, carcass and/or cartilage from 2 whole chickens
8 oz lamb bones, the chicken to lamb bone ratio should be about 5:1
8-10 carrots, roughly chopped (see Carrot Note)
Any herb or vegetable scraps from your zero waste broth bag (see Zero Waste Broth Note)

1. Place all tea ingredients in 8-quart pot.
2. Cover and bring to boil. Turn heat to low and simmer for 30 min.
3. Remove from heat and strain to remove all sediment.
4. Place tea back into 8-qt pot.

1. Place all broth ingredients into the same 8-quart pot (with tea).
2. Fill pot with water, stopping when it’s about ¾“ from the top rim. Cover and bring to a boil.
3. Turn heat to low and lightly simmer for 16-20 hours.
4. Turn off heat and let broth sit for 2 hours.
5. Strain all scraps and bones from broth. Discard scraps.
6. Broth will keep refrigerated for about a week, and can also freeze for up to six months.

Carrot Note: If you juice, the carrot fiber from about 15-25 medium to large carrots is perfect for this. Otherwise, while it’s definitely not necessary, you’ll get a richer flavor if you put whole carrots in the food processor briefly prior to cooking the broth.

Zero Waste Broth Notes: Whenever I’m cooking I take all the scraps from veggies, herbs, and even most fruits and throw them in a plastic bag or container that sits in my freezer. Once I’ve got a one-gallon bag or two full, it’s time to make broth. I do use all the things you think of carrot ends, mushrooms stems, cabbage cores, ends of onions, garlic pieces, etc. I also throw in pear and apple cores, root tips of lettuce, corn cobs, herb stems, squash seeds and pulp, tips of green beans and even veggies that I won’t be able to use before they go bad. You can pretty much put anything in there. The only thing I’d say is be cautious of things that may be bitter (after being simmered for hours) such as brussels sprouts or citrus fruit.