Arugula Red-Orange Spring Salad

serves 2, prep time 20min


6 oz arugula
Large handful cilantro, destemmed
1 red spring onion, thinly sliced from root up 4″ of stem
1 orange, 1 peeled and cubed into ½” pieces (pith removed if you’d like)
Large handful walnuts, chopped
Salt & pepper to taste

Dressing Ingredients

½ orange, juiced
1 tsp champagne, rice or white (wine) vinegar
3 tbs extra virgin olive oil
½ lemon juiced, optional 

1. Gently toss arugula, cilantro and spring onion together. 
2. Combine dressing ingredients. Stir until blended.
3. Top greens with oranges and then walnuts.
4. Dress to your liking. Salt and pepper to taste.
5. Enjoy!